• Stephen Dypiangco is a producer, director, marketer and digital strategist passionate about the intersection of entertainment and technology, especially online video.

    He co-founded of the National Film Society, a new media studio that produces YouTube videos in partnership with PBS Digital Studios. His work has been featured by PBS, Mashable, AllThingsD, GigaOM, Filmmaker Magazine, Indiewire, Tubefilter, New Media Rockstars, Angry Asian Man and Racialicious.

    He's worked on the Academy Award-winning Best Live Action Short Film "God of Love," the theatrically-released feature documentary How To Live Forever and the forthcoming action comedy web series Awesome Asian Bad Guys.

Film School or No Film School?

Patrick Epino and I tackle the age old question every aspiring filmmaker contemplates at some point: film school or no film school?


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