Oscar Dypiangco, Lucila Dypiangco, Manila, Philippines, Home Unknown

Home Unknown (work-in-progress feature documentary) – After years of ignoring his cultural heritage and family history, Filipino-American Stephen Dypiangco attempts to reconnect with his roots by traveling with his parents to their homeland, the Philippines. Through a series of surprising encounters, he realizes that he knows far less about his quiet father, outspoken mother and himself than he ever imagined.


Jorge Herrera, music video, Hermanos Herrera, Stephen Dypiangco

Por Ti (music video) – Hermanos Herrera music video “Por Ti”

Rocking the Boat, Made in the Bronx, documentary, Stephen Dypiangco, short film

Made in the Bronx (documentary short) – In the middle of the Bronx, a group of inner-city teenagers learn how to succeed by working together to create something extraordinary.

Stephen Dypiangco, All Americana, short film, Mexican, American, Filipino, filmmaker

All Americana (narrative short) – An immigrant high school student fights to keep her dream of going to college alive.

Stephen Dypiangco, Alone with You, Filipino, filmmaker, NYU

Alone with You (narrative short) – A woman must decide whether or not to forgive the husband she truly loves.

Stephen Dypiangco, Clean, NYU, MOS, film, director, filmmaker, Filipino

Clean (narrative short) – A Central Park maintenance woman struggles with a moral dilemma after discovering a wallet full of money.

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