The PMD’s Are Coming!

When I logged onto my computer early yesterday morning, I found an email from Facebook saying that I had been tagged in a note. This is one of those rare Facebook notices that I don’t get very often and usually ignore. In the past, these notes have asked me to list my music tastes, favorite places, what I’m wearing at that moment and other random stuff. But yesterday’s was something completely different.

Facebook, PMD, Jon Reiss, Stephen Dypiangco

This note was from Think Outside the Box Office author Jon Reiss and was entitled A Call for PMDs. Here’s what it said:

PMD, Jon Reiss, Facebook

Facebook posts from eager PMD's.

Feel free to list your name and contact details (web URL, email address, phone number if you are comfortable with that) so that filmmakers can know you exist and talk with you further about projects. Please add the information in the comments section below.

Although this note had only been listed less than an hour earlier, a few of the other PMD’s had already responded quite enthusiastically. PMD’s from across the country and across the globe started to post throughout the day (examples on the left). Some listed their credentials while others listed their contact info. But overall, everyone was doing the same thing – expressing their excitement to join this new movement.

I’d like to extend my personal thanks to Jon Reiss for coming up with this smart post. This is exactly what aspiring PMD’s need right now to start gaining traction with their careers. And once PMD’s begin doing their work, more and more filmmakers will start witnessing their audiences grow before their eyes.

I’m a big believer in community organizing, and that’s exactly what this is. By making ourselves known to each other and acknowledging our common interests, we’re starting to form a new PMD community.

Hopefully our momentum will continue to build over the coming weeks and months. As this happens, PMD’s will benefit by learning valuable lessons from each other and preparing to seriously collaborate with filmmakers. Whether it be PMDs joining PMDs online or PMDs partnering with filmmakers, these joint efforts will certainly be exciting. After all, unity is power.

Jon Reiss, Lance Weiler, Miles Maker, PMD, IFP, transmedia, indepedent film

Filmmaker/Author Jon Reiss, PMD Miles Maker, Transmedia Pioneer Lance Weiler

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